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Prudhvi Challa

This is me

I have always been fascinated by visual design and the importance it plays, especially in digital spaces. I believe that the messages that make it the furthest are the ones who acknowledge the importance of not only what they are how saying but also how they are saying it. I'm excited to work in the world of digital identity, and help define brands and stories.

When I'm not thinking about the visuals of the web I'm watching a lot of movies, especially Star Wars. You can also find me cooking food from around the world, or out in the world practicing my photography.



UI/UX Design, User Centered Design, Web Design, Wire Framing, Branding


Adobe Creative Suites:

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop,

Lightroom, Premiere, XD

Figma and FigJam


Web Development:


Mac and Windows

Operating Systems


Digital and Film Photography

Microsoft Office Suite:

Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook

Education & Certificates

University of Wisconsin - Madison 2017 - 2021

B.S. in Life Sciences Communication

Certificate in Digital Studies

Google UX Design Certificate | October 2022

Become a User Experience Designer | November 2021

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