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Madison Museum of
Contemporary Art


Jan 10 - Feb 2



UI/UX Design


Concept Project


Adobe Illustrator


Project Overview


Developing a simple audio tour application for new and returning visitors of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.


During the conceptualization of this concept project the main focus was on simplicity and accessibility. The users of this app would most likely be first time users, and this played a big role in the research and design ideas for the application.


Throughout the design process and I came back to ease of use. This resulted in the app being stripped down to the core concept of the audio tour. The application has been built to augment and improve the experience of being in the Madison Museum of Contemporary art. Through this mindset I created an app with a singular focus on creating a simple audio tour application that can melt into the background while experiencing the art at MMoCA.

Brand Description

Mission + Vision

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is an independent organization that exhibits, collects, and preserves modern and contemporary art to provide transformative experiences that educate, reflect, and inspire us as individuals and a community.


MMoCA will be a vibrant organization that will foster the exchange of ideas and create experiences that will inspire a wide audience; a nexus for the work of emerging and established artists, welcoming compelling new work, presenting this and existing work in a dynamic and extraordinary space; a catalyst for the continued development of a vigorous community of artists; a forum that will encourage people to be challenged by, reflect on, and make connections between art and the world around them.

Products + Services

MMoCA is an art museum providing visitors with contemporary artworks, as well as events and visiting exhibitions. Though these aspects of MMoCA are free.


Profile A_edited.jpg

Martin Harlow

Demographics: Male, 43, College Grad, Software Programmer, Madison, WI, Married

User Snapshot:

"I'm looking for fun and educational activities for my family and for me."

Profile B_edited.jpg

Reena Devulapally

Demographics: Female, 22, Graphic Design College Student, Madison, Single

User Snapshot:

"Art has always been a big inspiration for me, I'm always looking for was to learn more."

Site Map


Wire Framing

User Research

During the design process I conducted two rounds of user research. First on paper prototypes and then on digital wire frames. This iteration process highlighted where the design lacked in ease of use, specifically in learning how to navigate the application quickly. This led me to cut back on the features of application and streamline the process of getting the user to main functionality.

During this process I reassessed how the prototype designs failed to give the user an app that can be quickly picked up and learned within minutes. The app should be able to be learned and used within minutes of picking it, because the app is meant to act as a companion to the experience of visiting the museum.

MMoCA Design Guide


High Fidelity Prototypes

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