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Mighty Peace Coffee


March, 2021


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Mighty Peace Coffe Portfolio_Title.png

Project Overview


Develop new product design and packaging that captures the mission of Mighty Peace Coffee for their consumer products. With a focus on the story and quality of the beans they are providing.


Mighty Peace Coffee started as a B2B coffee bean roaster and distributor that focused on highlighting and honoring individual Congolese farmers. This need to be reflected in the research and conceptualization of the new consumer focused packaging.


Through the design process there is an importance placed on respecting the ingredient, and the people who made it. Firstly we highlighted coffee beans back in their origin as the berries on the trees. Secondly we communicated the regional specialties of the coffee growers from around the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ultimately reminding customers that a good ingredients maintain close ties and knowledge of where they came from.

Brand Description

Mission + Vision

Mighty Peace Coffee is on a mission to provide high quality coffee to ethical business and coffee connoisseurs, while sharing and uplifting the stories of the Congolese framers that make this coffee.


Mighty Peace Coffee is focused on upholding People, Planet, and Peace in all the work that they do.

Products + Services

The main product that Mighty Peace Coffee was selling is green coffee for business and roasters. But MPC also roasts their own coffee for consumer use, as well as apparel for their company and their non-profit.



Johnathan Haas

Demographics: Male, 37, Bachelor's, Small Business Owner, Minnesota, married

User Snapshot:

"I love having good coffee available at my office, and I like knowing their values align with my own."


Priya Krishnan

Demographics: Female, 26, Master's Grad, Production Engineer, Illinois, in a relationship

User Snapshot:

"I'm just exploring what kind of coffee beans I enjoy, and when a coffee bag explore flavors I find it helpful."


August Tello

Demographics: Non-binary, 22, College Student, Library Assistant, Wisconsin, single

User Snapshot:

"I've been a barista and am very picky about the coffee beans I choose, both in quality and origin."

The Mighty Peace Coffee Identity

Mighty Peace Coffee already has an established design guide, and it is important to respect and understand these styles before developing their new packaging.

Mighty Peace Coffe Portfolio_Typography.png
Mighty Peace Coffe Portfolio_Colors.png

Packaging Redesign

Mighty Peace Coffe Portfolio_Coffee Bag.png
Mighty Peace Coffe Portfolio_Kureg Box.png


The packaging redesign was focused on adapting the existing small batch products to be more attractive to customers. The packaging was creating using the existing style guide while expanding on the information available for the consumer, to make an educated purchase about the company and the kind of coffee.

The main motif that was focused on was fresh coffee cherries, as Mighty Peace Coffee has close direct relationships to the individual farmers they are working with. Highlight that connection in the packaging felt important. Along with this the packaging adds really detailed information about the coffee beans themselves. These close relationships with farmers gave access to extremely specific origins that help to set Mighty Peace Coffee apart from competitors.

A prominent visual of the slogan 'Peace With Every Sip' also was added to both packages, helping connect back to the non profit mission built into the work Mighty Peace Coffee is doing.

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