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March - April 2022


UI/UX Design

UX Researcher


Concept Project

Adobe XD

Project Overview


Create a desktop focused user flow for finding a shop for Localize, an application focused on connecting users with locally owned options in their area.


This project was focused on understanding and implementing large stylistic ideas and laying the groundwork of visual language for Localize. To this effect much of the user testing and design focused on visual appeal and flow over an in-depth design guide for the entire application.


Localize was developed with families and working professionals in mind. Educated folks with an interest in shopping local, supporting small business, and exploring their city.



Rosa Carlos

Age: 28

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Hometown: St. Louis, MS

Family: Parents, 1 Sibling

Occupation: HR Specialist

Rosa Carlos

Rosa comes home after a long day of work and realizes they are running low on soap. She has been considering purchasing locally from a small business. In searching for a local shop she has a hard time finding one. Unfortunately she decides to go with a big box store that she knows carries the product she is looking for.

Site Map

Localize Site Map.png

Wire Framing

User Research

For research I explored user experience with direct competitors to Localize. Looking at pain points and experiences users have had with services in the business search space. I also spoke directly with users who have used these application.


During this research I learned that often when searching for a service or products the highest results are large chains. Often making it harder to find small local business that might offer the same services.

Pain Points

Finding Small Businesses: The focus of this service is on highlighting small businesses, the application should limit its access creating a curated space for small businesses.

Trustworthiness: Whenever you have reviews it is important that they are trustworthy. To do this we will pull reviews from Google. Taking that moderation out of our hands.

Easy to Read information: Users are often looking for basic info, such as if the business is open, and what they offer. This info has to be put front center, allowing users to quickly intake this info.

High Fidelity Prototypes


The Localize concept project was done to explore visual language and consistency. It was interesting being able to think through the depth of features that are necessary for a project like this to come together. Going forward I would like to explore more user flows such as purchasing an item or managing a business page.

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