Who Am I?

Hey I'm Prudhvi, I'm currently studying communications at the University of Wisconsin -  Madison with a focus on digital media production. I'm interested in how to use digital media and storytelling to explore and communicate ideas effectively.

As a child I grew up on shows like The Magic School Bus, NOVA and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Even at a young age these shows gripped me, and got me interested in just how cool science could be. By the time I got to college the idea of being a scientific really excited me. I continue to love and learn science, but the science wasn't the reason I loved these shows.

The shows I grew up with told amazing stories and re-framed science in a fun and interesting way. I saw this in particular when I started to get more interested in politics, the interesting and narrative approach was not really a thing outside of early education.

I believe that their is more room on the internet to be compassionate in how we interact with the people on the world wide web. My focus is on creating connections through the tone and content of websites, as well as creating space for people of all ages to learn and grow.

What about the rest of the time?

In my free time I really enjoy learning, making, and eating food from around the world. I've always loved learning from other cultures, and making food from around the world is definitely one of the best ways to do so.

You can also find me on the hopeless mission of trying to consume all the media. I'm always in the middle of too many TV shows, and trying to watch all of the movies.